12 Awesome Under Stair Dog House Ideas To Maximize Your Space

When you want to redecorate your home, there are some spaces that are sometimes often forgotten, even you yourself do not realize how important that space can be maximized. Space under the stairs might occupy the top of that list, and if by chance you are a pet lover, especially dogs, be prepared to find the dog house as a gift space. You might want to put more great staircase ideas and more functions there, you can easily integrate a doghouse with all your needs such as extra storage space, a home office to installing a playroom for children.

There are many surprises about the dog house under the stairs that you may have never considered before. There are also some hidden ideas that look not like dog houses but actually function. You can also make a simple dog house by installing a dog mat and leaving it open under the stairs. These dog house ideas are what you need to maximize space, giving your dog a comfortable and effective place for your life. Take a look at 12 awesome under stair dog house ideas that will help you make the most of the parts that people often ignore. Let’s continue the project!

1. Simple Dog House

This stairs might look simple, but it really makes the dog feel comfortable. Equipped with a dog bed, food station and several functional shelves.

2. Integrated with Kids Playroom

Kids usually enjoy playing with their dogs, and creating a room to accommodate them is a great way to make everyone feel happy.

3. Home Office

If you do not want to down the stairs only to dog home, try to combine it with a cool home office like this. Every now and then you can play your dog when you are getting tired and need entertainment in the middle of work.

4. Under Stair Storage

It’s no secret if the bottom of the stairs is the perfect place for storage areas.

5. Food Stations

This doghouse down the stairs has a cool food station. Any small room under the stairs, you can put a doghouse there.

6. Wood Accents

Warm wood elements blend with design a dog house under the stairs, a great look for the style of modern home.

7. Farmhouse Style

You can make any style under the stairs according to your home concept. Like this farmhouse style dog house. Shabby chic and warm woody touches are the main attraction in an unexpected space.

8. Cute Dog Play House

Dog house is not just a dog house, you can make it really adorable and a sweet gift for your furry friend. The dog house under the stairs can be shaped cutesy or unique playhouse.

9. Built-in Dog House

This is the easiest way to build a built-in dog house. You only need a few pillows or dog mattresses and make a hole under the stairs.

10. Open Concept

The concept of open space you can also apply to the dog house under the stairs.

11. Dog Kennel

You can make a dog kennel for the dog does not like prisons, even seem pleasant place to live dogs under the stairs.

12. Stylish Dog House

This dog house really looks stylish integrated with the kitchen concept behind it. Located right under the stairs and equipped with dog doors that are similar to the design of wooden stairs.

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