12 Genius Under Stairs Ideas For Your Extra Room

If by chance you run out of space at home, while you really need extra space or storage area to organize your needs. So why not try to use the space under the stairs to solve all your problems? Perhaps many people do not realize it, the space under the stairs is a great area to give you so much extra space. The key is you have to be creative to create the idea of a storage rack or extra space that really works but still looks stylish.

The area under the stairs may not be the first time you think of an extra space, in fact this room is often overlooked. Though this area is actually becoming a large area almost like the rooms in general. Many things can be done in this area such as work space, bicycle storage, closet, wine, and other storage areas. Even though this sounds easy, it can actually cause chaos if you don’t do it right. That’s why today I want to inspire you with 12 genius under stairs ideas that will make this useless room bigger. Keep up!

Home Office Room

The workspace under the stairs allows you to easily access everything especially if you are a busy person. This extra space is very important for those who love to take work home or who actually work at home.

Bike Storage

If your garage is full or even you really don’t have a garage but have a collection of bikes. Do not worry, you can use the space under the stairs to store a bicycle without having to make a mess.

Home Bars

Have some wine collection or you are happy to hold a party with friends? Try building a home bar at the bottom of the stairs, besides looking stylish, this idea also provides a pleasant entertainment area.

Wall Art Display

Don’t really need extra space? Do not leave the room under the stairs for granted, decorate with a variety of wall art and appearance that will add to your interior aesthetics.

Laundry Room

The laundry room under the stairs may not sound unusual. But this laundry room will be very helpful for those of you who live in a small space that does not allow having a special laundry room.

Hidden Closet

This is my favorite idea. Closet under the stairs with a sliding door where we can store clothes and shoes while hiding it.

Kitchen Pantry

Sometimes a small kitchen can not save all your needs in both the cooking equipment, food supplies or other kitchen spices. That is why a room under the stairs can be the right solution for your problem.

Cozy Benches

Anyone wants a comfortable relaxing area at home, and you can use the basement to be a favorite place to take a nap or curl up while reading your favorite book.


Indoor plants can refresh your room and add a natural feel at home. If you are a hobby of ornamental plants, placing it under the stairs is the best idea.

Bathroom Design

Want to have an extra bathroom? Try to use the space under the stairs to realize your plans. Besides being unique, this room can also be an emergency bathroom if you have a lot of guests at home.

Reading Chairs

This under stair ideas is perhaps the most popular and widely used by people as a reading and relaxing area. Make a bookshelf so that you can easily find the book you are looking for and add chairs to support your comfort.

Toy Storage

Many parents are often frustrated because of the scattered kids toys. No matter how often you fix it, children will’d always make a mess back. Toy storage under the stairs you might be able to implement as a practical solution and allow children to store their own toys.

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