15 Cute DIY Animal Crafts For Your Garden

Want a unique look in your garden? Why not make DIY animal crafts that will beautify your garden. I have collected a variety of cute animals, insects and poultry that you can make with children during the summer. In this season, let’s take the children to gardening and get to know a variety of animals. They are fairly easy, and will not drain much of a budget because you can make from scrap and unused. Turn cans into cute and adorable insects, pieces of wood into birds, pink pigs from old tires, and much more. If you don’t have a plan and just want to stay home during the holiday season then gardening and being creative will be a lot of fun.

Today there are 15 cute animal crafts to turn gardens into play areas and children’s learning, while also making gardens more unique. Scroll down and find your favorite animal!

1. Collection of insects in the garden fence

2. Easy DIY bunny crafts made from tin cans

3. Plastic bottle rabbit and elephant crafts

4. Cute pink flamingos

5. Pig tire planters

6. Cool Industrial owls

7. Stone DIY ladybug

8. Turtle garden beds

9. Hanging DIY bee crafts

10. Cute DIY frog crafts

11. Duck garden ornaments

12. DIY dragonfly in the fence

13. Chicken family in garden

14. DIY bird stone painting

15. Adorable DIY bird garden crafts


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