20 Amazing Paludarium Ideas That Must Be Crazy In Your Home

If you are an aquarium or aquascape fan, you must be familiar with the term paludarium. As we know paludarium itself as a miniature ecosystem by uniting stone, wood, fish, and plants in a sealed container. This is still part of the vivarium, as well as the terrarium. However, many do not know that this paludarium can grow not only in a closed tank, even with half of the tank open, paludarium can also grow well as long as it has adequate water features. That is why paludariums are widely used in homes or offices as part of decoration. Besides having a unique natural appearance, this paludarium is also a combination of terrestrial, aquatic and sometimes air habitats.

In general, paludariums are made to add to the aesthetics of the room, such as adding a natural impression and becoming a visual attraction. But in some cases, paludarium also often used as research material for animal reproduction accelerate or promote the growth of plants in the aquarium. The good combination that is in the paludarium makes the types of flora and fauna that can be developed become more and more diverse, ranging from amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, and many more. Meanwhile, plants can use moss, land plants to aquatic plants.

Paludariums have quite a variety of sizes, a large type of paludarium is called the biosphere. Usually biosphere is often used because it can accommodate more plants and even whole trees, this large display appeal to paludarium primarily as a garnish or beautify the interior. Like the aquascape, vivarium or terrarium, making a paludarium also has a theme to be made. For example, making a miniature forest ecosystem, it is necessary to give a touch of nature like its natural habitat. The selection of plants, water content, and types of fish that you want to keep must be right so that they can live and the plants continue to grow as expected. Each component greatly influences the creation of a beautiful ecosystem similar to the original. Interested in making a paludarium in your home? Here are 20 amazing paludarium ideas that will inspire you. Let’s check!


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