20 Creative DIY Garden Fence Ideas Made From Old Stuff

Having an outdoor garden is fun, but that’s not enough. You need a fence to guard your garden to prevent unwanted things from damaging your garden. If you are a hobby of gardening, you must have had a good variety of favorite plants that flower or plant that are useful such as fruits, vegetables and spices. If all this time the fence is considered only a barrier or protector of the garden, try using a fence for your next planting area. Besides being able to give a unique impression, this garden fence idea is also inexpensive because it only uses old unused items as the main ingredients. Take a few empty bottles, cans or your old things to turn into an awesome garden fence decoration.

Many people don’t use the fence properly, even though this area has the potential to make your outdoor space more beautiful. Customize your garden fence design with the concept of the garden you have, whether you like the look of wood or garden with a colorful DIY project. You can leave your DIY garden fence as it is for a natural look such as using tires, old windows or doors, bags, shoes and much more. But if you are creative enough, you can use paint to make your garden more colorful fence. Don’t let your fence just look mediocre which will actually bore you, today I have collected 20 creative DIY garden fence ideas made from old stuff. Scroll down and get inspired!





















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