20 Fun DIY Secret Room Ideas For Kids Play

Kids always dream of having a secret room, a place where they can do lots of fun things like reading books, playing or studying. Perhaps as a parent, this sounds a bit daunting, but you try to remember what little time ago you also never had a secret room? A hidden room when you get yelled at or a comfortable nap when you are tired of playing. Believe me, if you have dreamed it then you are not alone. Today let us realize your childhood dreams and create a secret playroom for kids. I think making a secret room in the room is still safer for children than having to let them play outside. Fortunately, there are lots of secret playroom ideas that we can find on the internet, like this post that tries to inspire you with more fun secret room ideas.

If the secret room usually located in places that are unexpected such as underground or basement, this time we will make it easier to find. Make sure children have enough space for them to play and also pay attention to safety factors, do not let the children locked inside or other family members can not find them because only you know where their secret playroom. You can create your own DIY secret room for kids to play by using empty corners or under the stairs. This method is considered safer and easier to do alone at home. Decorate their secret rooms with a variety of things kids love like making home playing in the room, a cozy reading corner or to the land of dreams that are only accessible from the wardrobe. In the following, I have compiled 20 fun secret room ideas that kids will love. Gather your imagination and choose one of the images below


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