20 Modern Cinder Block Bookcase For DIYs lover

Who doesn’t know cinder block? It is one of the building material made from sand and cement printed such as building materials. Usually cinder blocks are often used as a wall or brick replacement. If you have ever used this cinder block as a building material for your house, there must be some cinder blocks left. Although it sounds a bit strange, but did you know that cinder blocks can also be used as part of an interior that can beautify your home. Cinder blocks can be created in various parts of furniture with a number of DIY projects to create a new work that is useful for you. Today we will start with a unique bookshelf that you can make with a few simple materials such as wood, boards and of course cinder block.

Bookshelves made from cinder blocks will provide practical and economical storage for organizing books, music devices to indoor plants. Similarly, when you mount a wall with a cinder block bookshelf, you indirectly create a visual center for modern space design. You can put a cinder block in any room and it will add to the aesthetics of the interior. They look stylish in the living room, as a TV table, bedside table to a versatile shelf for a home office. The idea of bookshelves using the most commonly used materials in modern construction can actually have a functional impact if you creatively use them. Get inspired!

















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