21 Prettiest Terrarium Ideas To Applying In Your Home

Have you ever heard of the term terrarium? Maybe you’ve heard it or even see a glimpse of a mini plant that is often used as a garnish. Terrarium usually uses glass containers and planting media to create various miniature landscapes or themes that emphasize nature. Many people think making a terrarium is something that is difficult than us growing plants in a real garden or land, even though making a terrarium is not as difficult as you think, even you only need a few materials that are quite easy to get. In addition to making a terrarium into a fun pastime, you can also use them as home decoration or fill your display shelf.

Before we talk about how to make a terrarium and apply it in your house, terrarium itself basically had no limits or rules to implement a variety of landscapes or themes. So, you are free to create anything through this small medium. Do you want to make a terrarium bonsai? Forest landscape? Beach? Or you want to make mountains or parks? All are allowed. Even though the terrarium is in a glass container or bottle, it is very different from an aquarium because it does not use water at all. You only need a growing medium and plants that fit like a fern, moss or bonsai-type plants. Even though it sounds easy, you still need to do maintenance like plants in general, such as watering, fertilizing and providing enough sunlight.

Terrarium itself is very suitable for limited land, especially in urban areas. Maintenance is easy enough, does not require a lot of space and is able to store your valuables. Terrarium also has other benefits, for some people it can relieve stress and make them feel calmer. Here I have compiled 21 of the prettiest terrarium ideas that can help you choose the best design. Get inspired!


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