23 Creative IKEA Hol Table Ideas For Pet Hacks

There are many easy ways to transform IKEA furniture into something more useful, one of which is the Hol table by IKEA with simple pieces made from solid wood that has a hole in almost every part of the table. This table is usually used as a practical storage because it has a large enough space under the table top. I was thinking about the most appropriate way to hack an IKEA Hol table, and because I am a pet person, there is nothing better than hacking for pets. Although many people like to change the look and function of a Hol table, the shape of the table itself is very suitable as a cage or home for your pet. Let’s see what we can do with it which is certainly pet friendly.

Good news for all pet lovers because IKEA Hol is one of the things that you will like, this is a pet furniture that is quite easy to hack because it already has ventilation and a size large enough for pets. The easiest idea is to turn your Hol into your pet’s house, whether it’s a dog, cat or rabbit house, it has the ideal shape and size for your dog or cat’s house and you can easily make the entrance or just leave it closed. You could use more variety with Hol table, such as making pet beds were comfortable, cat toilets or food station in it. IKEA Hol table is one of the most hacked furniture by pet owners, besides it’s easy, this table also has lots of space to accommodate all pet needs. Don’t miss it, make sure you have one for your pet!























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