25 Best Modern Farmhouse Kitchens Trending On Pinterest

A farmhouse kitchen may sound very traditional, but why not make it a little more modern? Create your own calm and stylish kitchen ambiance to make your cooking hobby even more fun. I’m so excited to start today with the top 25 inspirations, and this time it’s all about modern farmhouse kitchens. We all know the farmhouse kitchen has a vintage style that is dominant, it can be seen from the selection of furniture, mostly from recycled wood, rustic kitchen ceiling and an elegant old-style cabinets. Then how to combine it with modern designs? For good reason, today I’ve put together the best farmhouse kitchen ideas trending on Pinterest.

I am currently looking for ideas to change my old kitchen. Previously it was a farmhouse style, so I wanted to add a modern touch to the decor. I have gathered inspiration from Pinterest, so I wanted to share 25 modern farmhouse kitchen of my favorites with you all. They all really look amazing, there are certain elements that were the draw this year that determine the best pick is in the top image. Although I still haven’t decided which style to choose, maybe you can tell me which one is your favorite!

Traditional shades look more colorful, combining them with modern colors like blue, white, black and gray can look amazing with a minimalist style. Bring in a modern vibe with carpets, marble floors, industrial lighting and some indoor plants. Using every existing inch is more useful like adding a small dining area or a stylish kitchen bar. Choose bright decorations such as making skylights or large windows, and this modern farmhouse kitchen will look even more beautiful as you want!


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