25 Cool Poster Decor Ideas For College Dorm Room

When it comes to college dorm rooms, the first thing that comes to mind is a 4 x 4 square meter narrow room and messy student belongings. Whether because of their busy lives to learn or they are accustomed to living with their parents, but not all students are reluctant to clean their dorm. Many students also like to decorate their dormitory rooms to make them more beautiful and comfortable, not only girls’ dormitory rooms, but also teenage boys who are not inferior in decorating dorm rooms. Besides choosing practical furniture for a small space with a good storage unit. Adding poster is the most popular decorating idea for a college dorm. This decoration is in great demand by young men and women because it is simple and does not require a lot of space. You just need a blank wall and display any poster that suits your taste.

Show Posters that Fit Your Style

How cool is your dorm room? It doesn’t matter whether you are a person who is happy with science or who follows current trends, displaying posters that fits your style will make the room more comfortable. Are you a person who likes rock ‘n’ roll to teenage girls who like fashion? Or are you happy with photography and want to display your own poster? Everything will feel more fun if it suits your style and taste.

You do not need a large poster to make a dorm room look cool. Some unique poster combinations with colors and writing look better than one large poster that will fill the wall. Nowadays many teenagers make posters or display a series of photos of their life stories to be displayed in a dorm room, this idea is very popular because it is easy and you will always remind you of your learning goals, family, friends, and people who support you while in college.

Add Other Ornaments and Make Your Own DIY Poster

If you get bored with the look of the poster that was mediocre, why not try to add other supporting ornament? The dormitory wall is a blank canvas where you are free to express yourself. Use LED lighting or string lights to frame the room, or you can also place some plants on the wall so the atmosphere looks fresher. College rooms can be changed to whatever style you want. The secret is in the organization of the room and the organization of goods. You can make it look modern or bohemian style, and the most practical way is to add a rug to see the wall.


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