25 Cute Lighting Ideas For Teenage Girl’s Room

Teenage girls always have interesting ways to decorate their rooms. Usually a teenage girl’s room is dominated by feminine colors like pink or pastel, but also many teenagers like to use a minimalist design for a simpler look. Some girls also like to add texture to beautify their rooms as wall hangings, wallpaper or furniture that suits their personality. But among all the girl’s room decorations, lighting plays an important role in supporting the decoration you want to display. Are you a teenage girl who lived with their parents, dorm, or apartment? Here are cute lighting ideas that you should know before decorating a girl’s room. From gorgeous string lighting, to modern chandeliers, try adding lighting to the most personal space that suits your style!

String light

Of all the girl room lighting ideas, string lights are the most popular. This lighting idea is simple enough to hang a string light on the wall or bed, and it will provide a soothing addition to the evening. String lights are usually used as a light sleeper or beautify the room by displaying photos. There are many string light decorations you can use, usually having a softer glow with a light color like white or yellow.

LED light

For modern style girls’ rooms, LED lighting is the best choice. This lighting is able to emphasize a modern feel and add a glamorous style to a teenage girl’s room. LED lighting also have more choices of color, even for some types of lamps can have more than one color can be set as desired. It is very suitable to be placed on the wall or corner of the room that requires extra lighting.


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