27 Magical Ways To Decorate Your Home With String Lights

Some people have their own stories about their string lights, and if you have ever felt living in a dorm room it would be familiar with the decoration of the string lights. Starting from hanging it in the ceiling, putting it together with a school photo, on the bed or putting it near the desk. Everything did seem fun, but it will be different when you are an adult or a family, even though the light strings can still be used as part of home decoration, of course, should not be excessive in order to not look tacky. Maybe you think string lights can now only be used at Christmas, but did you know that string lights can also be used throughout the year to bring more beauty and magic to your home, even bringing some memories that you once had.

Creating a comfortable atmosphere can be done by adding string lights to the decoration, at first I wanted to hang a lot of string lights but somehow the string lights feel different now. Finally I decided to hang light strings only in some parts of the walls, and as a result it really works and does not seem excessive. I realize that if I am not a college student anymore, so indeed the string lights must be where they should be. You can hang them in any room, work very well in the living room, create a familiar atmosphere in the dining room, warm up a nice corner and decoration for warm evenings in the summer. Whatever your decision to use them again, look at the picture below to get you inspired!




























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