28 Handmade Christmas Card Ideas That Kids Can Make

Christmas is the best time to get closer to each other. Although this year’s Christmas a little different from previous Christmas celebrations, longing and close to the family still feels special in everyone’s heart. Not only is it a Christmas decoration, buying or making something that lets people know that you are thinking of them right now will maintain a more familial feeling, it even applies to children. Sometimes all it takes is a Christmas card, and I think a handmade Christmas card means more than a bought card. Give love Christmas and the holiday season with handmade cards are made with a simple way to children. Spread a little smile, a sweet word, a little love and longing from someone they miss the most. It seems very apt to describe a Christmas card.

History of Christmas cards

Christmas is a celebration that many people have been celebrating since the Middle Ages. Originally the first Christmas cards were sent in 1843, and were carefully crafted one by one. Maybe this was what made Christmas cards so expensive at the time and could only be bought by the rich or the nobility. However, over the ages, Christmas cards began to be mass produced, and it became very popular to this day so that it becomes an important part of the Christmas celebration such as Christmas trees and wreaths.

Christmas cards for kids

Kids are the most enthusiastic at Christmas, then teach them to show love and appreciation to the people they care about. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot on your budget as handmade cards are the best choice when it comes to kids. I know send e-cards are an easy and practical solution, but where is the fun in that? Digital cards cannot touch hearts and evoke emotions, which is why handmade Christmas cards are our favorite every year.

Today I have put together 28 handmade Christmas card ideas that kids can make, for sure there will be some help from their Mum, Dad or older sibling. Most of these are DIY projects easy and only takes a bit of time in the works. From simple Christmas tree cards to fingerprint Christmas cards, there’s no reason to send a handmade Christmas card this year!


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