30 Hidden Kids Space For Indoors And Outdoors

As a child you would never dream or already have their own secret spaces. The place where you hide, play and share stories with peers. For me this game is still memorable until now, and I am thinking of sharing the children. Even though there are currently many games with advanced screens and modern technology, creating a hidden kids space is a game that is timeless. Real play has indeed been shown to improve their motor skills, giving them a real experience will be better than letting children continue with their smartphones. Today I was thinking about what the best of the hidden child room, and it turns out we can create a much more pleasant experience than in a home. After all outdoor activities are indeed the best area for kids play, so there is nothing more fun than combining the two.

Indoor secret room

Creating a secret room in the room is indeed the easiest way to keep your children safe. Create a hidden space in accordance with their imagination, children will love this when they have to enter the hall or into the closet before going to the playroom. Use unexpected and magic areas to be a hidden children’s room, you can use the empty space under the stairs as a secret room or corner of the room and turn it into a comfortable reading corner. Because this is a secret room, the entrance must also be unusual. Surprise your kids by making the entrance behind the bookcase, closet or a blank wall to make it such a unique and exciting adventure.














Outdoor Secret Garden

In addition to the hidden space in the room, you could build a secret garden for children. The idea of this garden is child friendly and will not make children get bored faster than they have to continue to be indoors. There are many ways to make a secret garden that kids will like to start from playing houses, tree houses to play tents made of twigs and vines. Playing outdoors is more challenging for children, they will enjoy exploring, building and hiding in the open. But also make sure their play areas close to your home, the safest way is to utilize the backyard and the garden behind the house into a secret garden of their dreams.

















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