30 Timeless Shabby Chic Kitchen Designs Dedicated For Moms

These days I miss Mom more than anything, I still remember how her cooking smells and the place where she used to make breakfast for us. Although this is only my personal grief, perhaps many of us sometimes yearn for a mother. So, if you still have a mother then be grateful and give your mother the best gift by decorating her favorite area, especially if it’s not the kitchen. When I look at the shabby and chic kitchen, I somehow wish I wanted to make one for my mother (if she is still in this world). The shabby chic style is one of the most popular and timeless. I mean, the more vintage furniture looks, it will add to the beauty of your kitchen, old things, and antique decorations add to my longing for mom.

Shabby chic kitchen is not only beautiful and give a sweet memories in my life, but also suits you dedicate your wife or your mother. Of course, you can style the room by adding modern elements and maybe a little minimalism or mix it with other styles but I personally prefer the original shabby chic style. Pink, blush, grays, whites, pastels combined with ruffles and floral patterns will make an awesome base for a shabby chic kitchen. Today I want to reminisce by collecting 30 best shabby chic designs dedicated for moms. If you love your mother more than anything else, you should check out the list below!

Before you decide on a shabby chic kitchen idea that you want to make, there are a few things you should know to get the best results. Start by choosing vintage and shabby chic furniture right, classic style kitchen cabinet, DIY table, storage shelves and the color you want to display. You can also include some rustic, boho, or modern elements, but don’t go overboard as it will take away the hallmark of this style. Shabby chic curtains, wooden floors, signboards, and floral decorations are just how you want them, and to top it off, add a dining room with the same theme. Lastly, add a pretty floral textile or a sweet touch with a lovely wall art.


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