30 Trendy IKEA Pax Wardrobe Hacks To Get Inspired

IKEA is a good choice for many to become part of their home. Most products still constituted the Scandinavian style with a simple design, clean and functional for most any room design. That’s why we continue to explore more IKEA furniture inspirations and ideas to incorporate them into your decor. Amazingly, each IKEA product can generally be paired with other IKEA products, turning it into something completely new, even you can hack it if needed.

IKEA pax wardrobe is another example of IKEA products that are easy to hack. This is a simple and cool wardrobe for storing your clothes and shoes with simple steps. Probably most of you think this wardrobe looks too ordinary or even cheap, but you will be surprised after a lot of creative people turn it into a trendy furniture worth considering. From changing the color of paint to combining it with luxurious accents, here is the IKEA collection of pax wardrobe that looks charming and can even make a statement. Follow us for more inspiration!

Change paint and wardrobe accents

The easiest way to hack IKEA pax wardrobe is to change the color so it doesn’t fit the standard. Use colors that are attractive as the concept of your room to repaint or wallpaper gives the wardrobe. Add some unique new handles or knobs for a fresh new look that can be made of brass, leather or an elegant vintage style.

Changing the closet door might sound difficult but you can try to get the design wardrobe is completely different. You can add vintage wooden elements or make it luxurious with glass.

Add luxury accents

For those of you who plan to use IKEA pax wardrobe to design your closet, try making it look luxurious with a few tricks. Mirror is a great way to make your wardrobe feel luxurious while giving a spacious impression of the room. Use the door mirrors to facilitate you when you want to try on clothes or just want to get a different design of the wardrobe. Use elegant and luxurious colors for your closet door such as burgundy or dark blue to add a luxurious style to your closet.


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