32 Fun DIY Cat Patios For This Summer

Summer is still going on in some of the northern hemisphere, that means the days will begin to feel the heat. Not only you, even your indoor cat may start wanting to leave the house and crave fresh air and freedom. This season is the best time to have fun, but pet owners often feel worried especially if they live near a busy road with vehicles. Maybe many cat owners choose to confine their beloved cat, although this way will make the cat feel stressed and depressed.

Then what is the best solution for your furry friend? Today I will show you why you need to build a cat terrace. Catios is very popular and widely popular today, with Catio you can create a space to play cat outdoors in a practical way and can be adapted to the area you have. They are basically quite easy to apply outside the room starting from the window, deck or backyard. Keep scrolling down and get more inspiration!























Some people think pets are part of the family. That’s why cat owners build terraces cat taking a simple concept and turn it into a play room was very comfortable during the summer. Like you, cats also need entertainment and playing time outside. So, make sure you find a place for them but also stay safe from danger and things that will harm your cat. Consider building a Catio, to pamper your cat and give them outside activities safely, pleasantly, so you don’t have to worry.








source: boredpanda

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