34 Modern And Stylish Standing Planter Ideas For Indoors

I believe that planting some plants indoors will not only beautify the interior, but also relax your mind and soul. Many people take advantage of their outdoor area as a garden and be a great way for your gardening hobby. But no matter how extensive the garden you have, you will always want something different to place your favorite plants. So, this is the reason that makes many people turn into the room for the idea of a grower that can be enjoyed at any time without even having to go outdoors. In the last few days I have been looking for ideas for indoor growers that are suitable for small spaces, and my first choice fell on a stand planter design that was not only practical but also truly beautiful to decorate every part of the house. Standing planter ideas gives many conveniences to display plants in a unique way, you can also place more than one type of plant on the stand planter as you wish.

Nowadays there are many stores or online shopping sites that offer growers stand design at an affordable price. Usually made of wood, iron, rattan, bamboo or other materials that are lightweight and can last a long time. I myself prefer the stand planters made of wood, this idea is quite easy to make yourself with some simple materials that can be obtained around the house. Wood planter stand design gives the impression of a natural for any potting material, they look modern with ceramic pots, classic with potting soil, and also solid with plastic pots. In the following, I have collected 34 modern and stylish standing planter ideas for indoors. Scroll down and get inspired!


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