35 Practical IKEA Stuva/Fritids Hacks For Kids Learning

Kids really need a special room where they can play, learn, and practice everything. This is what drives IKEA to create many kid-friendly products including IKEA STUVA or maybe you know it with FRITIDS. This is a set of furniture that can be combined to fit the needs of children. STUVA is made to match the height and motor skills of a child aged 3 years and over, enabling them to be able to reach and return their own toys and clothes. This furniture consists of several parts and can be changed as you wish such as a study table, bench to wardrobe deep enough to accommodate adult-sized hangers and have an interior that you can move and adjust based on your child’s needs.

Hidden under the table, there is a large box with plenty of room for big things as well as toys and their learning tools. Open shelves are perfect for books and collectibles, or to display the latest creations and crafts. STUVA provides benefits that will stimulate kids intelligence because they can see it, organize themselves and play around at the same time.

In addition to a desk and wardrobe, STUVA also very nice to be part of the bed. This idea is very popular because it provides more storage area and is easy to make. STUVA allows children to choose and take their own clothes from the closet because each door has a soft-closing ensemble that allows them to close gently and quietly. Since all the fronts are integrated, the pre-installed handle allows no holes to enter the dust, so it will keep it clean.


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