35 Smart Ways To Hide Washing Machine In Your Interiors

Talk about a laundry room, certainly can not be separated by washing appliances such as washing machines. Instead of having to build a special room just to wash, I’m sure many people really don’t have an actual laundry room at home and just mix it with any space. The laundry room is indeed a luxury item now, so don’t be surprised if maybe you don’t have room for it, so the best step is to hide the washing machine somewhere in your interior. Hide washing machine out of sight and reach of kids can help keep you keep your room clean and make the kids stay safe.

There are always many ways to overcome the limited space and hide your washing machine. If you are trying to think creatively, you can always use things around you such as closets and hanging curtains to hide your technology. Try to keep your attention on the aesthetics of the room when you decide you want to hide your washing machine, if necessary use a certain storage unit and combine color schemes so as not to damage the beauty of the room. Another interesting idea is the sliding door made specifically to emphasize the interior theme you want to show, you can even use the design of the barn door to the laundry room farmhouse style. In the following, I have collected many clever inspirations that I would like to pass over and put all technology out of sight.




































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