35 Unique DIY Garden Decor Ideas From Old Tires

When we talk about summer, it means there will be plenty of time outside and gardening becomes a fun activity while the weather is still warm to grow some plants. I don’t think that’s excessive, and have you ever thought about how to make your garden more beautiful by utilizing unused items? When you see a lot of scrap tires that may not be eliminated, perhaps subconscious will know what you can do to make a great DIY project with this old stuff. Are you just going to leave it alone or use it as a functional planter that might surprise everyone. This is a unique DIY garden project from old tires that will add to the beauty of your outdoors. If all this time you only consider just to park outdoors, wait until you see other amazing ideas and what can be done from used tires.

Outdoor Tire Garden

Every flower and plant pots or planters require as a growing medium, and make a pot plant from used tires is the most convenient way. The best idea is to paint used tires with attractive colors, whether you want to create rainbow accents, pastels or add themes to tire paint. You can combine several tire pots with many colors to enliven your garden. For a simple idea, you can leave them as is and just add a few plants or flowers and you have improved your outdoors.
























Indoor Tire Garden

In addition to outdoor garden, used tires can also be used for indoor gardens. There are many creative ways to turn a used tire into an appropriate interior decoration, one of which is by making a flower vase by using pieces of old tires to be used as home decoration, as a door wreath that gives a unique impression, or a refreshing room divider. They can be attached to the wall, as hanging pots, and office garden decoration.












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