5 Things You Must Have When Work For Home

Today many companies take policies for their employees to work at home. This recommendation was carried out in almost every country to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Of course, working at home is not as effective if you work in an office, but now you have to start getting used to in order to keep your productivity nice though you work at home. For those who do work at home may not be a problem, in fact I’m sure many people think working at home is very pleasant because we are not bound by time and are more relaxed, but in fact you will actually be inconvenienced to finish it on time and still maintain work productivity.

If you really even feel stressed while working at home, there are actually many ways to maintain and even improve the quality of work at home. Today I will share 5 things that you must have when working at home. Here’s what you need to stay productive with some home office ideas that will inspire. Let’s see one by one!

1. Create Cozy Home Office

One of the most important things to improve the quality of work is convenience. This also applies if you decide to work at home, then you should really pay attention to the comfort of your workspace. Make sure your home office suits your hobbies and interests, if necessary you can add some wall hangings or photo frames to make you more enthusiastic about working. Select the table and work chair you think is most comfortable so that you can work with the maximum without quickly feel sore or tired. We recommend that your home office also face directly outside the room such as windows or vents so that the air circulation you get is better and gives good visuals.

2. Desk Organizers

Although working at home sounds more relaxed, but actually even make you are faced with a variety of things that interfere with concentration. No doubt, you will find it difficult to find small things but very important in jobs such as cell phones, pens, or other office equipment. In this case, you will need a good desk setting idea to organize your work.

3. Take Time To Rest

Working tirelessly, not even resting is actually not recommended. If you work too much because you think there are no restrictions when working at home, then you are wrong. Your body will fatigue even lower your productivity, while today we have to really keep your body to stay fit. That is the reason you must have time to rest. Try placing a lounge chair or game area in your home office to reduce tension and get you excited again.

4. Take Memo And Schedule

Working at home does make you more relaxed. There will be no deadlines or work instructions that you must complete on time. But this is what makes your work productivity even be declining. That’s why you need a board or wall memo to remember your every work. Try to be disciplined by keeping a list of daily work that must be done in a more structured way.

5. Make Yourself Cozy

Home is the best place where you can do whatever you like, even when you work at home. Some work productivity can be reduced if you even feel bored at home because your mind is only focused on one thing. Use anything to make you feel comfortable, a coffee station near the workspace is a great addition when you want a short break for a cup of hot coffee.


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