5 Ways To Make Ramadan Iftar Ideas More Pleasant

For Muslims, Ramadan be the best time to get closer to God, and as in previous years we will all be fasting for a month. Always there are things that make me homesick during Ramadan, and one of them is the moment of iftar in which most awaited after a day we resist hunger and thirst. Maybe many of you think iftar in a fancy place or restaurant will be a satisfaction, but did you know breaking the fast at home with family is the most beautiful moment during fasting. If you are bored with mediocre dining table settings, today I will invite you to turn five places in the house into an alternative area for breaking the fast. Want something fun or a new atmosphere when iftar? Here are some unusual dining room ideas that you can try during Ramadan.

1. Floor Dining Areas

Iftar activity almost every day sometimes seem boring. That’s why you need to create a different and more pleasant dining area. Creating a dining room on the floor is a unique tradition that will bring every family closer. A meal together with typical Ramadan cuisine is served together below. Use the carpet as a base, you should also choose a thick and soft carpet for this dining room idea so that your family can sit comfortably.

2. Dining Room In The Balcony

The balcony is indeed the smallest area and is often overlooked at home. But this area is the most unique area of the house where you can build a dining room there. Iftar moments will be felt more impressive because you can also enjoy the sunset from the upper balcony. If you want a romantic fast breaking atmosphere, the idea of a balcony dining room deserves to be on your list.

3. Outdoor Dining Room

Fasting this year we will more often be at home. Sometimes this is what makes us feel tired and fasting feels very heavy. Try to create a more refreshing atmosphere when breaking the fast outside the room. Bringing your dining room to an outside area, you can use the backyard or patio area as a place to break the fast with your family. Provide outdoor furniture that supports the comfort of your iftar outdoors.

4. Make Luxury Dining Table

If you and your family really don’t have a chance to iftar at the restaurant because it is still quarantined in some areas. Why not bring a luxurious atmosphere that feels like a restaurant in the dining room? With a nice setting and complete dining dinner, you can present iftar time like in your favorite restaurant. Make it memorable by adding some accessories at the dinner table as napkins, paper towels, wreaths, until the wax to improve the style.

5. Home Entertainment with Dining Space

Enjoy iftar with exciting entertainment such as in front of the television can restore your mood. Invite your family members to enjoy food while watching your favorite television series. To make it feel more comfortable, use a floor table that is enough to hold all your cutlery and dishes. So if you are really bored with the ordinary dining room, this unique dining room idea is worth considering.

source: IKEA

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