8 Creative Kids Walls To Keep Them Busy And Smart

Kids rooms decor is always fun, maybe because you can create various themes to reminisce to fulfill children’s fantasies. But you need to remember, a child’s room is not only beautiful and fun, and you also have to think about how a child’s room is not only a place or play room but more than that. Always make kids busy can be done in various ways, in addition to equip it with a variety of toys or furniture, you can also create wall creative children to encourage their intelligence. Today you will see a list of children’s walls that will meet your expectations as a parent. This child’s wall is not only creative, but also fun and functional. Here are eight of our favorites that will not only beautify a nursery. They are also packed in the game and learning, and do not miss the storage area that will inspire.

1. The wall is a blank area that can be used as a canvas for creative children. Display their handicrafts on children’s walls such as pictures, graffiti or whatever your children’s creations are made of. They will be more eager in the work to produce a new craft

2. Chalkboard is my favorite for kids rooms. Here they can be creative and make their imagination come true. Create anything to scribble without making you worry about dirtying the walls

3. Instead of choosing a ready-made wallpaper wall, why don’t you place a specially made colorless wallpaper wall so kids can color it. This kid wall will be a fun area that will increase their creativity to play with colors

4. Kids reading nook seems inseparable from their room. This reading corner design utilizes the wall as an area to store their favorite books, while adding beauty to the corner of the room

5. Is your child very active and likes climbing? Create a mini hike in the kid’s room for a fun workout activity. But make sure the climbing wall is safe for children to use and try not to be too high

6. Every empty wall in the kids room is an area that you can make the most of. Like placing this kids clothing. The shape resembles a cactus with several functional wall hooks

7. I think Lego is everyone’s favorite from kids to adults. Make a Lego wall in the children’s room is a brilliant idea because there would no longer Lego scattered on the floor or lost if you build a special area for play

8. In addition to chalkboard and Lego walls, you can choose magnetic walls to hone your children’s intelligence. Although magnetic walls are more expensive than other wall decorations, their modern appearance and robust design will last a long time


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