8 Unique Wall Decorations From Unexpected Items

Decorating walls at home is the easiest and most fun way for those of you who want a new atmosphere. Currently, there are many wall hangings that are easily available with a variety of choices according to your wishes, but for some reason, the wall hangings that are sold in stores look ordinary. If you want to show something unique for your walls, try to make yourself some DIY project of unexpected items to be turned into the wall decorations were outstanding. Besides saving your budget, making wall decorations from items at home will also increase your creativity. Today I have collected 8 unique wall decorations from unexpected items that will help you get the best wall decorations!

1. Hats wall

Tropical decoration is currently very popular because it gives a holiday feel to the home. Not only unique, wall decorations reflect the holiday mood this hat with a hat-shaped webbing. It will remind you of the beach and warm sunshine when you go on vacation.

2. Ceilling Medallions

Ceiling medallions give a medieval feel if you use them as wall hangings. Choose different shapes and sizes and place them in a group for maximum appearance of the wall.

3. Basket wall

These wall wicker baskets are my favorite, and I have several collections of them. You can bring out a bohemian style as well as a little holiday feel with this wall decor option.

4. Mug wall

Have a large collection of glasses or mugs? Create a mug or rack hangers hanging on the wall of your kitchen or coffee station, and you can display a variety of collections you there. Besides being practical and easy to find when you need it, this mug collection can also be a cool wall decoration.

5. Book wall

Are you a book collector or a hobbyist of reading? It is a pity if you just let your old books piled up in warehouses. So, why don’t you try using these old books to make awesome wall decorations? The trick, you only need to stick and arrange used books into an interesting piece of wall art.

6. Spoons wall

If we used to know that spoons are just tableware, today I will show you how a spoon can be transformed into a work of art on the wall. In this case, a wooden spoon will add more artistic value than a spoon made of plastic or stainless steel.

7. Plates wall

Don’t let your beautiful plate collection just dust in the cupboard. If you have a large collection of beautiful pring with various motifs, you can use it into an attractive wall decoration. Place them in the dining room for a unique impression on the walls.

8. Vinyl record wall

You a fan of classical music? If so, you must have a collection of LPs and a special area to play them. Instead of having to store a collection of LPs in a rack or cabinet, you can even use them as a wall decoration with elegant classic look.


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