Beautiful Black Villa With Grass-covered Roof

Located in the hills of Harriman State Park (New York), designer Reza Mohtashami originally planned to build a contemporary style hobbit pit known as Black Villa. This house tries to blend with the surrounding environment, especially seen from its most beautiful features because the entire grass-covered roof.

This green roof has grown slowly over the past decade, as it is blessed by the location of the supportive environment making this house even more one with nature. The roof is believed to reduce energy use by 0.7% to provide natural insulation against heat and maintain the temperature of the range of 30-40 ° F lower than conventional roofs. The Black Villa is also designed to save energy by reducing the need for electricity because it uses skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows. Green roofs also serve to reduce and slow down rainwater runoff, which is especially helpful in areas with poor drainage systems.

Although the overall design of the environmentally conscious Black Villa is very good for the environment, but unfortunately it was only for a national park. Maybe if a system like this applied in cities can generate more interest in green roof architecture in the future, this project shows that more and more people care about the environment.

source: yankodesign


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