Beautiful Garden House In The City

Basically, humans must be able to coexist with nature. Whatever the reason, nature remains an important part of protecting our earth and preserving the environment. Perhaps it is increasingly difficult to find, especially if you live in the city, although it is often an afterthought but basically many people neglect to safeguard the environment. As the city of Nicosia in Cyprus has not made green spaces and communal areas a top priority, but when the lockdown started, they began to realize how important it is to have outdoor space at home. This beautiful home project is the answer to it all. The Garden House in the City, designed by christos pavlou architecture, tries to lift the idea by presenting a series of private gardens that include a green terrace on the top floor that encloses the house, an interior garden and a courtyard garden that stretches through the center of the structure.

Architects are very observant in placing plants both indoors and outdoors. He tries to incorporate as many natural elements as possible into the design through the elongated interior courtyard that divides the house. There is a sliding door on the ceiling away to unite the interior with green garden. When you open the door, the space will automatically open and bring the outside in. A green oasis in the middle of the city that brings comfort to anyone who decides to stay at home.

The ground floor has an integrated green space for a private city park with a total area of approximately 60%. This method is helpful to improve living conditions in the city and slow down global warming.

Walking inside the house, there are lots of greenery from every room with every point of view. Provides visuals that spoil the eyes from the ground floor to the top. The selection of an open concept helps a lot here, hopefully giving more sunlight in and the effect of infinite viewing angles.



There are bee-friendly plants and 40 kinds of native wildflowers planted, the selection of these plants will not only enhance indoor and outdoor aesthetics but hopefully encourage local species of birds and bees to return.

source: design-milk


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