Clever Scuba-Mask Into Ventilators Free For Us

At present we are in a truly unique situation, which will affect all aspects of life. Covid-19 which was once only underestimated has now become a pandemic that makes many people feel sad, worried, until many of our relatives feel lost. There are many ways ranging from distance, always maintain the cleanliness, and remain in the home. Luckily, there are still many people who care about each other and help in various ways they can. As we know, face masks are currently needed by many people or doctors and medical centers. And today I want to share a scuba mask which is converted to a respirator, and great design you can download them for free.

This clever custom makes it possible for doctors and medical personnel, even the general public, to reuse snorkel masks into emergency ventilators. Designed by Italian doctor Isinnova in collaboration with Decathlon, they have succeeded in designing 3D printing components that can easily fit into existing snorkeling masks and turn them into efficient respirators that can be used to help everyone from the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

Given the name of Charlotte Valve, these components can be found on the web site Isinnova and free to use by anyone. To keep it from being misused, they have also filed a patent, to ensure that the valve is not manufactured and sold commercially for profit amid a pandemic. Their design remains free for all, aiming that all hospitals, clinics and media staff can always access technology that saves lives at no cost. Decathlon has collaborated extensively with doctors in Lombardy to supply hospitals with their scuba masks paired with the Charlotte Valve mod.

If your country needs this mask and you happen to be a designer with a 3D printer, you can download it here to access the 3D file. You can print these components, or edit it to fit the different snorkel mask design in your country. Hope it helps, and I hope we are always given health.

source: yankodesign


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