Contemporary Workers House With Classic Heritage Features

This house is the addition of a simple worker cottage that combines contemporary details with classic heritage features. Designed by Sydney-based Clayton Orszaczky, it tries to use modern planning ideas to provide a sense of openness and space.

Workers houses are basically built to accommodate large families but with a small footprint, utilizing every room that you become an entertainment area that can be enjoyed by every family. The open concept here is at a broader level, you can see almost every room accidentally left open in order to blend with the surrounding landscape.

Starting from the front to the back there is an endless entertainment area, starting from a large front yard with a playground that leads back to the pool. The house consists of two floors with the master bedroom, and the rest to the children’s room. Although it is not too broad but I like how the architect chose an open concept to get around the small space, and the addition of coastal style is really smart because this house besides being a family residence is also designed as an entertainment area for workers.


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