Essential Loft That Adapt Life To Nature

This private house is called Essential Loft and was designed by Cacau Ribeiro Interiores who adapted life to nature. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and completed in 2019. It is a residence for nature admirers with wood materials in almost every room.

Essential Loft was originally created for CASCOR 2019 which aims to offer family living areas so they can share the happy moments of their dreams. That is why this residence is made with a very comfortable, quiet, and warm. Architects take the form of buildings that are quite unique by adapting the surrounding environment, one of which is a large wooden frame that forms shelves that allow natural light and outdoor landscaping into the room and French doors are handmade with treenails. The kitchen is no less unique, the cupboards are replaced with hooks that showcase charming kitchen equipment and other design objects.

Because this house adapts to life with nature, there is a room that has a bothanical studio, where plants of diffents species help to control air humidity and temperature. Equipped also entertainment facilities such as board games, reading area, all in perfect harmony come together to create this family room. A warm and comfortable residence for families, even child-friendly.













source: archello


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