Insta Inspired: Catchy Succulent And Cactus Ideas From Botanical Project

Nothing is too late for a truly great inspiration, like what Botanical Project is doing through their Instagram account. This is about loving art and beauty where I am also a fan of various types of succulents and mini cactus. Crystal Poniente’s unique change of old vintage items such as radios, typewriters and scales and turn it into a work of art that is catchy. This is not just an ordinary old item that was changed to look more beautiful but I found happiness through his love of succulents and cacti. Instead of just placing it in an ordinary pot, why not make the most of your old things into succulent decorations and cacti that are worth considering. I’m sure every object has its own memories and meaning for everyone, so do not let your old stuff just dusty warehouse.

Through his bionic notes, the designer is a member of the San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society, he not only enjoys the aesthetics of plants but also learns many things about them. All plants used for their projects carefully selected for any special arrangements taking into account the lighting, the environment for the client’s personality. Curious as to what? Please scroll down and prepare to be inspired!

source: poppytalk


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