Modular Garden Office Will Safe Work For Home

Even though in some countries the corona virus has started to end, many people are still applying work for home to keep themselves safe during the pandemic. Inspired to help those who are still working from home, Studio London Boano Prišmontas has created the office of prefabricated wooden houses that can be built in one day. This small office is called My Room in the Garden, a modular pod designed to provide dedicated external offices for people who currently still work from home on a regular basis. The project was first built in south London as part of the Peckham Design Trail during this year’s London Design Festival.

This office is almost entirely made of modular prefabricated wood elements so that it can be built in various sizes to fit the area of the garden you need, narrow alleys beside the house, so that it can be mounted on the roof. Coming in several different sizes, the smallest office is 1.8 meters wide and 2.5 meters high which is the tallest building in the UK without requiring planning permission. Due to the modular design, the pod can also be added to create a much larger space depending on your needs.

Although at this time the British also have ended their formal locking, but many people still work from home and hopefully they will continue to feel safe in the future. Office designs are made digitally from certified sustainably sourced wood, this pod is expected to be an option and alternative for working in the home without feeling bored because it can be placed according to your wishes.

Inside, we can see the entire office made of wood with the plywood structure left open. There are display racks, work desk and hanging storage. To alleviate boredom, there are lots of large windows that allow you to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

This modular office is expected to fit into any area, the office is installed in tight spaces and is difficult to access, they designed My Room in the Garden from a collection of modular sections small enough to be carried through the house to the back garden. Designers also claim that the assembly of prefabricated elements requires only an Allen key and can be done in a day.

source: dezeen


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