Pie House: Unique Shaped Slim House That Went Viral On TikTok

The house is indeed the most basic need of every human being, because it is a place of refuge from various weather and wild animals. But do you know if it turns out there is also a house designed unlike most homes, some call strange, cool, and many also see it as a unique building. Like “Pie House” which was viral on TikTok. Popularized a TikTok user named @eli.korn_ where he shows a house that is quite unique. This house is slender but elongated, immediately many people wonder what is inside the house.

Reporting from Brilio, this house is in Deerfield, Illinois, Massachusetts. Being in this house was really not what many people imagined. This house was not different from the contents of the house in general, though not overly spacious but still feels comfortable with a smart arrangement. Not only that, the interior also looks very luxurious, this is known from Zillow, who is the property agent who sold the house. Curious about what the Pie House looks like? Keep up with our search.

If previously many internet users were curious about the interior of this house, not even a few thought that this house was just a replica or property of a film. Now that they know what is inside, the house is even more viral and many feel amazed. I believe you are one of them.

Although it looks sleek on the outside, the house is also equipped with a living room and a cozy TV viewing area. There are masculine-style leather sofas that match the wooden floors.


The master bedroom is surprisingly spacious and comfortable, and there is even a home office attached to the bedroom.

Apart from the home office, the main bedroom is also equipped with a bathroom for easy access when starting activities in the morning.


Inside, wood accents almost visible in all parts such as flooring and other furnishings. This material was chosen to make the room feel more spacious, such as the kitchen and dining area.

Additional bedrooms for other families who come to stay.

The sink and bathroom cabinets are luxurious with wooden and marble furniture.


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