Smart Ways To Reuse Bathtub In Water Ponds

Speaking of bathtubs, of course it cannot be separated from one of the most influential bathroom furniture. The tub is an important part that makes your bath time more comfortable because you can soak up relaxing to spend time in the bathroom. Because they take on so many roles and spaces, the choice of a bathtub can affect the entire look of the bathroom, the style you want to apply, and the comfort you will feel. As the number of bathtub choices at this time, many people choose to frequently change the design of their bathtub. That is why the old bathtub will be ignored and become goods that only fill the warehouse. Today I want to invite you to think smart and try to reuse bath becomes a beautiful pool. This can be a practical solution for those of you who want additional outdoor decoration by reusing unused items.

Create water ponds and garden landscapes

Being outdoors especially during summer is everyone’s favorite. That is the best time to sweat and do various fun activities with family. There are many interesting activities such as gardening, eating out or splashing with the kids. Swimming pool tubs may look classic, but this idea will add a unique touch to the heart of your garden. There are many options available that you can do with an old bathtub to determine what is right for you. Starting from water showers, fish ponds, water plants that are visually attractive and provide peace of mind because of the relaxing sound of the water.










Being outside during hot weather indeed often makes the body feel tired and sweaty. That is the tub pool water will be very helpful to reduce the feeling of heat with water flow. It’s like a small pond in the middle of the desert that is part of your landscape. Children will love the bathtub, pool, water to play or learn various types of fish and aquatic plants.





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