Soft And Stylish Capsule Office Pod By Kateryna Sokolova

I agree that the comfort level of the office will greatly affect the quality of one’s work, and Kateryna Sokolova understands this very well by designing a capsule office pod that offers a style to increase the need for concentration and privacy in the office environment. Pod is inspired cocoon, very effective in giving you space for comfort in the office or anywhere else you want to put it. Capsule shaped a unique and stylish furnishings in an atmosphere of safety, comfort, and innovation you can make phone calls or read undisturbed. Although this office capsule creates great privacy for work, you can still connect with the environment. Of course, every job will be more effective if you can still interact with your colleagues.

Made of oak wood legs and steel frame make it durable, while Nevada’s upholstered fabric reinforced with pillows makes it comfortable to sit and relax. It’s basically like an overstuffed sofa with a wide range of facilities to increase comfort when working with closed sides and padded walls that absorb ambient noise to improve concentration. This office capsule pod collection is available in several versions that you can choose according to your needs such as one, two or three versions with a variety of colors for fabrics and wooden legs. Interested in collecting? They are still available for ordering.

source: homecrux

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