The Ilo Playhouses: Sustainable Dreamy Space For Kids And Adults

What if a cabin is combined with a children’s play house? KOTO (KO-TO) comes from the traditional Finnish word meaning “comfortable at home”. The ilo playhouses from KOTO are the first children’s cabins as well as minimalist playhouses that will be loved by children and even adults. Inspired by the beautiful space that children can claim is theirs, but also the structure that assumes the form of a statue of the elegant and striking, for adults. Ilo is the perfect combination of childhood dreams and the simple form of Scandinavian wooden cabins. Offering a beautiful log structure with a sloping roof. The cabin consists of three closed and open sides. Each side is closed with a rectangular window to let the view out. While wide windows and open entrances allow children to have their own private space, while staying connected to the outside area.

The ilo Playhouses become the perfect place for children without making them too isolated. This cabin is perfect for a play area, a reading corner, even as a nap in the backyard. Ilo cabin is designed to be environmentally friendly and child-friendly, so do not be surprised if fully made from sustainable materials. This cabin is handmade in the UK using locally sourced larch wood, recycled rubber floors, and natural paint and finishing. If you are interested in making it a sweet gift or surprise for your children. Now they are available for ordering, even these can be sent to you fully built, or you assemble them yourself with easy guidance.

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