10 Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen With Plants


Room decoration is not only seen from the aesthetic side, but also the air quality and feeling of comfort for the occupants. Among the many rooms in the house, the kitchen is the busiest area of less attention, especially when dealing with air quality. One way to make a room feel refreshing is to add plants in the room, including the kitchen which is the heart of every home. When you are tired of cooking, this plant will restore your mood. Likewise, when you need some kitchen ingredients, you can even pick them right around the kitchen.

You can arrange the kitchen design first, before determining houseplants in it. Excessive usage of houseplants, especially for small kitchen space will actually make you more narrow. That is why, decorating your kitchen with plants cannot be done carelessly. Today I’ve rounded up 10 beautiful ways that will make your kitchen not only fresh but also applicable to tight areas.

1. Farmhouse style

A farmhouse-style kitchen comes in a homely, simple feel. More beautiful with a few plants placed near the window. Use a wooden wall shelf or some plant pots that seem natural.


2. Kitchen skylight

Every indoor plant also needs sunlight for life. Kitchens that are usually small and closed can be overcome by making skylights that allow natural light to enter from the roof. This is great for plant growth.


3. Bohemian inspired

Bohemian kitchens are inspired by nature. Whether it’s using ornamental plants or decorating it with shades of green like this kitchen backsplash with this emerald color.


4. DIY vines garden

If your kitchen is small, try DIY vines around the kitchen. Take advantage of unused objects such as ladders for growing plants.


5. Small kitchen plants

A kitchen with a limited size can also add a refreshing green oasis. Choose types of plants that are easy to grow, such as betel plants and then place them around the kitchen set.


6. Natural lights

A good kitchen in addition to having sufficient air circulation must also get natural lighting into the room. If you put the plants in the kitchen, the kitchen concept like this is good for the health of the plant. Create a large window that directly faces the sun and becomes access to light from outside.


7. Hanging plant racks

Hanging shelves are an easy and practical way to place any plant in the house, and the kitchen area is no exception. To make your kitchen look more aesthetically pleasing, choose a brick wall as a backsplash with hanging plant racks.


8. Modern herb garden

Kitchen plants are not only limited to beautifying the kitchen. Some types of herb plants also serve as a kitchen which can direct quotes when you need it. Like this herbal garden design that looks modern with a special plant rack.


9. Green accent

In addition to indoor plants, making green accents in the kitchen such as wall paint, wallpaper and furniture with natural nuances will also make your kitchen look beautiful.


10. Vintage kitchen

Vintage style kitchens are always liked from time to time. This look can also be combined with indoor plants such as lemons or some herbal plants. To make it look more antique, use a pot or crate as a planting medium.


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