10 Creative DIY Chicken Wire Projects For Your Home


Chicken wire is very useful for garden and farm owners, but with a little creativity you can also make it a part of home decor. If you like farmhouse designs, making use of chicken wire is an easy way for your next DIY project.

Materials that are easy to get, cheap, but have good quality. Chicken wire is a versatile material that complements the farmhouse style perfectly. You don’t have to own a farmhouse to have to use chicken wire in your decorations. They are easy to cut and make, you can make any DIY project in just a few minutes.

From memo boards to flower vases, chicken wire for the home can come in very handy. Here are 10 DIY chicken wire projects and get inspired!

1. Room divider

Chicken wire can be used as a room divider with an open concept. You can also hang photos or accessories in this section.


2. Plant wall

This heart shaped plant wall will make anyone fall in love when you see it. Use chicken wire as a unique vertical planting medium.


3. Centerpieces

Create a farmhouse style for your celebration. A very charming table centerpieces with DIY chicken wire and flower vases.


4. Wreaths

Turn the chicken wire into a beautiful wreath shape. You can fill it with pine cones and other additional accessories.


5. Hanging candle

Bring a vintage and romantic atmosphere with a hanging candle made of chicken wire. You can change it into a heart shape and hang it in any area according to your taste.


6. Glass vases

If you are bored with your ordinary glass vase, you can wrap it with chicken wire to make it look more attractive.


7. Bulletin board

This bulletin board is not only practical because it is made of chicken wire but is also very useful for organizing your schedule. Hang notes, work plans, photos, or anything else on this board.


8. Bottle basket

It is very common to turn chicken wire into a storage area. This bottle basket is also very practical and can accommodate up to three bottles at once.


9. Wire basket

Apart from being a flower vase, use chicken wire as a basket or base for your plant pots. This will protect the plant as well as add to the aesthetics of the room.


10. Pumpkins

Is it the festive season? If you want something different and out of the ordinary, create a quirky holiday decor from pumpkin-shaped chicken wire.



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