10 Creepy Halloween Window To Get Jump Scare

This year’s Halloween is probably one of the most awaited holiday seasons for many people. It’s the best time to have fun and surprise lots of people with spooky decorations. Starting from the yard, front porch, front door, and windows are the first things people see when they pass by or visit your house. Today’s roundup I want to explore further for window decorations, see what we can do to turn your windows into the main focus for Halloween.

Realize your imagination by making scary things. Use stickers to animation projectors to show skeletons or other items in your window. Add spooky fabric and make a classy curtain for Halloween. A surprising ghost figure will appear not only outside but also inside, a magician by the window, to decorate the window with fake spider webs. Here are 10 spooky Halloween windows to get inspired!

1. Hand behind the window

Join a group of hands that seem to be asking for help from behind the white window curtain. To be more dramatic, you can add an impressive fake blood.


2. Creepy spider

Show a spooky and mysterious impression by presenting a giant spider behind the window. You can make a silhouette of a spider and then cover it with a curtain.


3. Help do not enter

You can decorate the windows in such a way as to prevent other people from entering the house.


4. Window crasher ghost

This Halloween window idea is absolutely brilliant because it looks like 3D. Two window shattering ghosts appeared as if piercing from the inside to the outside of the room.


5. Scary child

Scary child standing by the window is always a cool and popular idea all year round.


6. Witch peeper

A peeper wizard can always surprise anyone. This is a simple silhouette as a very attractive alternative.


7. Skeleton window

Cardboard made like boards seemed to prevent this skull from trying to get into the house. Besides being cool, this idea is also very scary.


8. Animated skeleton projector

If you want to give your windows a lively and eerie feel, this kind of decoration can only be done with an animation projector. This row of skulls can look like real.


9. Spooky curtain

Take cheese cloth as a spooky but classy curtain for Halloween, then complete it with a skull motif on the window pane.


10. Black and purple bat

Mix black and purple for a large window. Use purple paper to cover the window, then cut out black bat shapes of various sizes.



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