10 Cute Nursery Rug Ideas With Animal Themed

Preparing for the birth of a baby is happiness for every couple, especially if this is the birth of your long-awaited first child. In addition to maintaining the health of the mother, many parents preoccupied with planning the nursery. But decorating a nursery is sometimes not as easy as you think, a nursery must be thought out carefully so that it is comfortable to use for your little one. Not only in terms of proper interior arrangement, there are many accessories and mandatory needs in a baby’s room that must be prepared early on.

In addition to your little one’s equipment, the interior is an important discussion that you should know. In addition to wall decorations, baby cribs, rugs are decorative elements that must be part of a nursery. Because this is a nursery, rugs must look cute and comfortable for everyday use, made of soft material and certainly safe for the baby. There are various designs and motifs rug, but today I want to bring joy to the animal-themed rug that is not only convenient but also adorable. Here are 10 animal themed nursery rug ideas to place in the nursery. Let’s see ideas together!

1. Bears in the wild

Forest and wild nature theme is everyone’s favorite, this theme is great to apply for nursery. In addition to decorating the walls with bear decorations, you can place a bear rug with comfortable soft materials.


2. Big fish

Fish rugs can be an alternative that is no less adorable. Choose a rug with a large size that can be used to play on the floor.


3. Crabs and the underwater world

Crab is one of children’s favorite underwater animals. Use them as rugs or accessories for the nursery and get ready for a fun underwater adventure.


4. Adorable elephant

Elephants are big and strong animals, this character is very popular with children. Animals with long trunks are very worthy of being used as a nursery floor rug.


5. The mysterious fox

If you don’t want a large rug design, you can choose a round rug like this fox head rug. A book storage box with various animal characters looks harmonious with rugs.


6. Lazy koala

The koala rug theme is also a great choice for a nursery floor. Animals that are known to be lazy come from Australia. Although lazy, this animal has a very cute shape.


7. Lion the king of the jungle

For a nursery, lion-themed rubber is perfect for decorating a nursery. This lion head rug has a unique retro style.


8. Big panda bear

Feather material is very comfortable for a nursery and the choice of carpet with this material is the best idea. A large panda bear rug is placed right under the crib for added comfort.


9. White bear in the snow

Every child loves snow and ice bears, and adding this theme to a nursery rug will make the room feel even warmer.


10. Safari adventure

This time we will bring more animals with rugs with a safari adventure theme. If you want the nursery to look festive, you can choose a rug design full of animals like this.



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