10 Favorite Outdoor Showers With Natural Barrier

Outdoor bathrooms are indeed a great addition to the backyard. However, for those of you who want a truly natural bathing sensation, the best choice is to make an outdoor shower. Outdoor shower ideas are not only practical because of their small size, they can also blend into the garden landscape and can be turned into any theme you want.

Having the sensation of bathing in nature can be done with an outdoor shower with a natural barrier. Nothing feels more amazing than taking a bath or even bathing in the great outdoors. Surrounded by lush tropical plants, tall grass, rocks, vertical garden walls, and even fences, you should consider building an outdoor shower with natural privacy.

There are many ways to do this, especially if you already have an outdoor garden that will support your plans. Today I’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite outdoor showers below for you to serve as great inspiration on how you can turn your green oasis into an outdoor lounge with a refreshing touch.

1. Building garden fence not only gives you privacy while bathing, but also adds a natural green landscape.


2. The bamboo barrier idea gives a truly natural holiday touch. It is perfect for those of you who want to bring a touch of vacation to your home.


3. You can also create a forest feel to an outdoor shower by making decorations like being in a real forest. Surrounded by vines and some wild plants, the outdoor shower makes you feel like you are bathing in the wild.


4. Rustic style can also be combined with natural nuances. The barrier made of gravel looks natural as it is covered with moss which creates a natural rustic feel to the outdoor shower.


5. A shower that blends into the landscape is the best idea. Like this shower that was deliberately made between the rocks.


6. Barrier walls with vertical gardens will provide privacy as well as an outdoor bathing atmosphere.


7. If you have a lush garden, building a shower in the middle is the best solution.


8. Tropical showers are the reason we love outdoor shower designs. Like this shower surrounded by various types of beautiful tropical plants.


9. Combining modern architecture and natural nuances can also be applied to outdoor showers. A wall barrier with natural plants gives this shower a unique circular design.


10. A small backyard can also be a bathing area by adding an outdoor shower. Provide a natural barrier by planting a variety of your favorite plants in this area.



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