10 Stylish Bamboo Crafts Ideas For Your Interior

Bamboo is a functional and environmentally friendly material, bamboo crafts have been known for a long time and are the choice of many designers to apply them to modern interior styles. Bamboo not only has an aesthetic appearance, this material can also transform any room into a stylish look with a distinctive holiday feel.

Bamboo crafts now come with many attractive models and designs, the craft does reflect a natural impression and is not monotonous, especially for those of you who like a minimalist style. Currently there are many choices of bamboo crafts that you can apply to the interior, ranging from furniture, wall hangings, to storage areas. Here are some unique and definitely multifunctional bamboo craft creations to inspire you. Find one or even all of these creative ideas!

1. Bamboo Furniture Set For Dining Room


Furniture as part of bamboo crafts is perhaps the one we see most often. Bamboo has the characteristics of being solid but flexible. That’s why, this material is very suitable to be converted into various kinds of furniture, including furniture sets in this dining room.

2. Craft Bamboo Baskets For Storage


Besides being used as furniture, bamboo crafts such as basket-shaped wicker can be used for various purposes. You can use it to store magazines, dirty clothes, or use it for potted plants.

3. Aesthetic Bathroom Appliances


Bamboo is a strong material even when exposed to water, so you can present it in an aesthetic bathroom set. In addition to looking natural, there is a luxurious and calming impression when you want to use it.

4. Comfortable Bamboo Bed


Ever dreamed of staying in a tropical hotel or villa? Now you can make it happen by bringing the feel of the holidays to your bedroom. Choose a bamboo bed complete with a canopy and refreshing ornamental plants.

5. Soothing Bamboo Lighting


The lightweight bamboo material and natural color make it a relaxing lamp craft. You can add lighting from bamboo, either table lamps or pendant lamp as an environmentally friendly alternative.

6. Bamboo Plant Stand


Because the material is natural, bamboo crafts are indeed the most suitable as plant shelves. Its simple and minimalist design makes it easy for you to place it in any area in the house, besides adding to the aesthetic impression.

7. Bamboo Room Divider


For those of you who like an open concept but want some privacy, then this bamboo room divider is the best solution. Its lightweight and easy-to-move material allows you to place it in any area as needed.

8. Functional Bamboo Shelf


Bamboo is a strong and durable material. That makes it very suitable for furniture or storage. Like this bamboo storage rack which consists of several storage levels to accommodate more items.

9. Bamboo Headboard


Bring a modern and natural impression to the bedroom with a bamboo headboard. If you don’t like the design of a bed made entirely of bamboo, this idea can be an option.

10. Bamboo Wall Art Decor


As a wall decoration or present in an inviting ethnic feel, bamboo wall decorations are widely applied to various residential styles. Not always look natural, bamboo wall art also often looks elegant.


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