11 Outdoor Shower Ideas Like A Vacation At Home

This weather is the best time to bathe outdoors. As the sun started brightly and the air began to warm, I missed a bit of the feel of our vacation home. For those of you who are lucky to live in beach houses, soaking in a bath with a cold shower may be commonplace. There’s no better way to keep sand away from the house, but what if we wanted to bring this holiday vibe ashore?

Many people want their home to feel like a vacation, and the best place to do that is to build an outdoor shower that integrates with nature. I think there’s nothing better than rinsing in the sun, or taking a steamy shower with the scent of real flowers all around you.

Too much fun that makes anyone can not resist it, including you. So, please scroll down for eleven outdoor shower ideas that will keep you feeling relaxed all day long.

1. Bring a beach vibe to your outdoor shower. Use wood accents and classic-style shower, then add privacy if you are concerned with the neighbors.


2. It doesn’t have to be fancy to create a holiday atmosphere for an outdoor bathroom. You can use the wooden fence in the yard for a shower and several types of tropical plants.


3. Combining indoor and outdoor bathrooms can also be applied to maintain your privacy. Create an outdoor shower complete with bathroom area, you can use the plant as a guardrail.


4. Outdoor shower design is a modern look thanks to the use of wood accents on the walls, floor and roof are integrated into the porch.


5. Who doesn’t like to enjoy bathing in nature. The idea of an outdoor shower surrounded by tropical plants makes your bath time even more enjoyable.


6. A tropical-style shower is indeed the best choice to bring a holiday atmosphere. Add a variety of natural elements such as rocks, sand, and a variety of tropical plants.


7. The design of the outdoor shower adapts the relaxed Scandinavian style. Wood accents and natural shades are the best combination, especially for those of you with a limited budget


8. Classic and natural impression makes anyone will enjoy bathing in this outdoor shower. There are antique style mirror that adds to the impression of elegance.


9. Ever dreamed of bathing in the middle of a flower garden? Now you can make it happen with some simple outdoor shower arrangements surrounded by flowers and vines.


10. Even though it looks simple, this shower design really feels the feel of the beach and the holidays. You can add holiday accessories like a surfboard or paint it white like a boat deck.


11. Take advantage of the surrounding environment such as plants as an area where you want to build a shower. Here you will feel comfortable showering surrounded by walls and the surrounding landscape.



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