12 Amazing 3D Floor Design That Feel Nature

3D floors can create a unique decoration into the house. And if you are bored with the monotonous interior appearance, maybe you can apply this floor design to beautify your residence. Almost like a wallpaper, a 3-dimensional floor concept can also make a statement, from bringing a natural atmosphere, creating an artificial landscape, to making you feel like you are in the open.

Even though it sounds amazing, applying 3D flooring can’t be arbitrary. First, know the area and interior style that you want to present, because installing a 3D floor is quite complicated and requires special skills. The selection of images can not be arbitrary, a little mistake actually makes the interior look bad. So, is the 3-dimensional floor still feasible to apply at home? If you are smart and creative in choosing the right floor design, the use of this floor will make your home look amazing, even giving a feeling that cannot be obtained from home decoration in general.

Are you interested in bringing the feel of nature into your home? Or just want some 3D floor design inspiration that you might like? Here we’ve rounded up our favorite 3D floor ideas to help you get the best interior style.

1. Kitchen with a tropical feel


A kitchen with a tropical feel will make cooking even more enjoyable. Not only the floor is decorated with underwater life, but also blends with the trees and tropical landscape on the walls and furniture.

2. A bed above the clouds


Have you ever dreamed of sleeping on a cloud? Now you can make it happen with 3D floors. If you live in an apartment, use glass windows to create an open impression.

3. Living room over the sea


Impress your guests by adding a nautical floor wallpaper. This floor will be the center of attention of every guest who comes to the house.

4. Bedroom with river landscape


If sleeping in the clouds feels a little scary, another solution is to create an outdoor landscape like rivers and rocks. 3D floors give the impression of a river flowing from under your bed.

5. Waterfall on the bathroom floor


Take advantage of the area under the bathroom furniture to create the effect of a waterfall falling to the floor. With this 3D floor, even a narrow bathroom feels full of adventure.

6. 3D floor bridge to bed


If you like vintage-style bedroom designs, you can add a 3d floor bridge connected to the bedroom. Choose a wallpaper floor with a wooden bridge and a stream below to create a dramatic impression.

7. Sleeping around a flower garden


This 3D floor idea is suitable for those of you who like interiors with a feminine style. Who doesn’t want to sleep in the middle of a beautiful flower garden? This 3-dimensional floor will make sleeping feel refreshing.

8. Bedroom with koi fish pond and lotus flower


Bring a distinctly Japanese feel to the bedroom with a koi pond floor and 3D lotus flower. This floor wallpaper will give you a comfortable feeling like being outdoors.

9. Bathroom with relaxing 3D floor


Apart from being an area to clean yourself up, the bathroom is the best place to relax. Especially if your bathroom is equipped with a bathtub, of course it will make you willing to spend time in this place. To complete it, you can choose a 3-dimensional floor with a calming water element.

10. Bathtub over the sea


Soaking in the bath becomes even more fun with a 3D floor with an ocean theme. You will feel relaxed enjoying the underwater scenery such as fish and coral reefs.

11. Bathroom with dolphin ocean floor


Underwater theme is the best idea to decorate bathroom floor. For a luxurious style bathroom, you can choose a unique 3D dolphin floor. It is one of the exotic and attractive underwater animals.

12. Bathroom with 3D floor waves


Create a holiday feel to the bathroom with a 3D floor of waves. You will feel like you are on the beach every time you are in this room. Use the concept of an open bathroom to make it feel like being in the wild.


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