12 Functional Ideas To Utilize Space Under The Stairs


Got a tiny dwelling does require you to be smart in negotiating space. even a corner or unused space can be transformed into a functional area in the house. If you have thought that the space under the stairs has no function, then this is a big mistake. Who would like a space that is often overlooked because it is considered cramped this could be the best alternative to get extra space.

You can use the space under the stairs according to your needs. The small house with limited space usually has more than one floor, and if you are lucky then the solution space under the stairs can be applied for various purposes. Actually there are many ways you can do to make use of the space under the stairs, but today I will show you 12 of the most functional ideas that are my favorites.

If at this time you need extra space or additional storage, take a look at some of the inspiration for the space under the stairs below!

1. Create a comfortable retreat at the bottom of the stairs where you can relax or curl up when it’s cold outside. Add a theme, bring blankets, pillows, and you’re ready for a nap.


2. The space under the stairs is an ideal place to store your collection of books. Build a home library in this area, then add a comfortable reading chair. You can also use it as a living room.


3. Are you a pet lover, especially dogs? If so, use the space under the stairs to become a comfortable dog house or crate.


4. This hidden children’s playroom will become a favorite area for children at home. Pamper the kids by building a special playroom for them, and you space under the stairs will not take up much space in the house.


5. Want an extra bathroom or toilet at home? If the room in the house is not allowed to do so, you can use the space under the stairs.


6. Today many people who decide to work at home. So, a home office that is comfortable and provides privacy is what many people desire.


7. Create a functional closet under the stairs. Although small, this area will greatly assist you in organizing all your style needs.


8. Create home entertainment with a comfortable TV viewing area. The area under the stairs can be the most strategic place for a wall TV.


9. The laundry room is usually always caused chaos in the home. But you can work around this by placing it under the stairs.


10. If your staircase area is adjacent to the living room, you can make a kitchen or mini bar under the stairs. In addition allow you to entertain guests, this area also will make your guests impressed.


11. Need extra storage space at home? For some reason, you will always need a storage place for all day-to-day needs. Use the space under the stairs to store and organize all your needs.


12. Want to have a wine cellar at home? Why not take advantage of the space under the stairs? This area could accommodate a lot of your wine collection. Create a wine cellar with glass doors to showcase your wine collection.



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