15 Aesthetic Laundry Room Ideas For Small Space

Every room in the house has its own role and function, even that also applies to small or minimalist homes. This is the reason why many homeowners should think of creating a functional space, such as utilizing a small angle to divide the room in the house. The kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom are some of the spaces that are often the focus in decorating the house. Usually homeowners will focus on the design and arrangement of some of the main spaces.

This is why many other rooms are often overlooked. In fact, some special rooms are no less important in supporting mobility at home such as the laundry room. Although it looks trivial, this laundry room can also be designed and arranged as well as possible to add aesthetic value and make your homework easier such as washing and drying clothes. Limited space, especially in small homes, is sometimes a problem in itself, and today I want to invite you to look at 15 best laundry room ideas as solutions for small spaces. Enjoy!

1. Even though it is in a narrow room, this laundry room still looks beautiful thanks to the selection of neutral paint. Wall hangings, hanging monochrome, and minimalist-style laundry racks make the room look beautiful.


2. A monochrome concept like this is perfect for a laundry room with a cool look. It doesn’t look monotonous, and can be applied to a dorm laundry room.


3. Bohemian style can be applied to any space, no exception laundry room. Natural accents, wood materials, and some ethnic decorations make this laundry room more aesthetic.


4. If the laundry room uses a closed concept, you can work around this with glass walls to brighten the room. In order not to look plain, stick a wall sticker as a decoration.


5. Make sure your washing and drying room has enough sunlight so that the clothes dry quickly. Install a clothesline that integrates with the laundry room which will make your activities easier.


6. For houseplants lover, you can place your favorite plants in the laundry room. This area is ideal because sunlight usually enters naturally.


7. Sunlight can be obtained from the transparent roof or also from large glass windows like this. However, it is the rattan woven basket that catches my attention the most here.


8. Black accent walls always make any room feel cool. Washing and drying rooms that are usually hot can be muted with black wall paint. Add artificial grass to the floor for a natural look.


9. This laundry room is inside and outside the room, integrated with the kitchen and dining room. Even so, this laundry room does not interfere with activities for homeowners.


10. Being in a narrow space, this laundry room can still be a washing room as well as an area for drying clothes. Wall rustic style palette is very interesting.


11. If you have extra room on the roof, there’s nothing wrong with building a laundry room there. You can apply a sliding door model made of glass to let sunlight in naturally.


12. This laundry room is carefully and carefully designed. Includes storage shelves, wall organization and aesthetic hanging shelves.


13. Often the laundry room makes the surrounding room wet with water. To work around this, you can install a fence and wooden door half the height of the wall.


14. Built-in laundry room is a practical idea that provides comfortable space for your every mobility. You can also hide it by adding natural shades of curtains.


15. Balcony is often used as a laundry room which is quite easy and practical, suitable for those of you who live in apartments. To make it look beautiful, you can make it with wood material that gives a natural and unusual impression.



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