20 Creative Ways To Decorate With Mason Jars

Mason jars are the perfect DIY material for any project. The thick and pretty design of the glass jar makes it quite easy to turn into a work of art or decoration for your home. But among all that is great about a DIY project, they are very cheap and will not spend a lot of budget. For today, we’ve put together some creative ideas for turning mason jars into items that have aesthetic value for your space.

We believe among the list of ideas mason jars there will be one or several that you can use to beautify the room. They are very beautiful as part of decorations, vases, lighting, to functional storage. Best of all, DIY mason jars can be made in no time, even if you only use simple ingredients. So, let’s take a look and get some inspiration for your next DIY project!

1. Display a mason jars flower vase on the wall in a rustic look with beautiful wood accents.


2. Mason jars can also be converted into table lamps with modern designs.


3. Want a unique style storage area? Use a mason jar to organize all your needs by hanging it on the wall.


4. Create a home atmosphere like a holiday with a beautiful beach theme. You can use a mason jar as part of the decor.


5. This idea is quite simple and suitable for teaching children to save from an early age.


6. Choose a mason jar as a gift for a memorable Mother’s Day.


7. Create a calm, soothing light with the string lights idea.


8. Currently we must always maintain cleanliness so that it is free from viruses and germs. Make your own soap dispenser from mason jars to always protect you and your family.


9. Cooking activities will be more practical and fun with the idea of kitchen storage from mason jars.


10. The tissue holder can also be made unique with a mason jar.


11. Celebrate Christmas with a snowball DIY project from a mason jar.


12. You can also make a simple herbal garden on the wall so that it doesn’t take up much space.


13. The appearance of the chandelier is even more unique by adding wood and some mason jar lighting.


14. Store your kitchen utensils in mason jars with a charming vintage style.


15. The atmosphere of dinner or festive season on the table will be more attractive with mason jar flower vases.


16. Decorate the mason jars with interesting themes for children such as donuts or cakes. You can use it as a place to store stationery or be on a kids desk.


17. Want a romantic atmosphere? Light up with candles to emphasize the romantic atmosphere. You can use a mason jar as part of this project.


18. Soap set usually has a size that is not too big. DIY mason jars are the best choice for storage areas in the bathroom.


19. Capture memorable moments with photos, you can use a mason jar to store your favorite photos in a unique style.


20. The chandelier has always been my favorite for DIY mason jars. This chandelier design gives an elegant vintage impression to any room.


source: pinterest


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