20 Cute Hello Kitty Room Ideas To Get Inspired

A house with a certain theme decoration looks more unique and inviting. If yesterday we had inspired adorable hello kitty bedroom, then today we will see much more room that can be decorated with Hello Kitty theme. This character itself was first introduced by the Sanrio company in Japan. Initially, hello kitty was made for girls, but as it develops, now many women and men of all ages are fond of it.

Hello kitty is depicted as a white cat with a distinctive ribbon on its ears and an unpainted mouth, this character has now been widely used as part of many interior ideas. Starting from the bedroom to the bathroom, there are even various aspects of decoration that make the house look more attractive.

In the following we’ve put together hello kitty room ideas to help you get inspired, pick this decor in one of your favorite rooms, and create some fun!

The bedroom is a favorite area where many people use the hello kitty theme. Usually the rooms of girls or women who like to use this decoration. Add a feminine feeling and make the bedroom more cheerful with these various hello kitty bedroom themes.






The living room has an important role in the house. This area is where you usually receive guests up as a place to gather with family. Give a hello kitty theme to your living room so that the atmosphere will feel more alive and fun. The choice of a different sofa for hello kitty, wallpaper, or other ornaments with the same theme is the best idea.





The kitchen is a favorite area for every woman. To make your cooking atmosphere more enjoyable, try adding a hello kitty accent to your kitchen. Buy cooking utensils such as plates and spoons with a hello kitty theme or change the kitchen decor with a hello kitty theme.




Your shower or bath will be more pleasant with a hello kitty bathroom. The bathrooms are usually damp and cold will become more attractive by providing a variety of decorative hello kitty like shower curtain, bath mat, to the set of furniture.






Apart from the main room in the house, there are various other areas for applying the hello kitty theme. Furniture choices such as chairs, glass, and storage shelves can be an alternative. Transform your workspace with this theme or create a cozy reading nook in pink tones.




source: pinterest


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