20 Favorite Raised Bed Garden Ideas For More Space

Raised beds are one alternative gardening that you can choose to increase the productivity of your plants. It can be as simple or as creative as you think. Raised garden beds are elevated can be the best way for those of you who want to plant crops to settle and mature perfectly.

However, the raised bed can also be part of your garden landscape with the right arrangement. Making a raised bed actually doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it all depends on how complicated you want to make it, but in practice the raised bed is not more expensive to maintain than you have to create a traditional garden.

What is a raised garden bed?

Previously, you started this project and got many benefits, it’s good if you know first, what is the raised bed garden? Basically, the raised bed is the same as gardening techniques in general, but it uses a terraced method that involves the plant being on higher ground. Easily, you can do this by making several types of cages or frames made of wood, stone, cement, or even recycled materials to be converted into a larger plant area.

Advantages of raised garden bed

Choose one of the raised garden bed ideas to get all the advantages over the traditional garden. Raised beds offer easier maintenance with much less work. You will save a lot of time to remove weeds and more time to replace the fertile soil for the growth of your plants. You can fill it with vegetables, flowers, or herbs, and it’s very easy without having any gardening skills.

Raised garden beds are a practical step up from container garden design, giving you more space for everything you want to grow. Today I have collected 20 raised bed garden ideas to help you grow your dream garden. Choose one of the inspirations below!

1. A-frame arbor raised beds


2. Raised bed landscapes


3. Trellis raised beds


4. Built-in brick raised beds


5. Cinderblock raised beds


6. Wooden raised beds


7. Custom raised beds


8. Container raised beds


9. Simple raised garden beds


10. Milk crate raised beds


11. Modern raised beds


12. Rustic raised beds


13. Sheet metal raised beds


14. Farmhouse raised beds


15. All decking raised beds


16. Spiral stone raised beds


17. Stock tank raised beds


18. Stump raised beds


19. Sunken raised beds


20. Black stained raised beds



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